Mylasti - Leather imitation sheets buffed and/or painted.

Supercrepe - Expanded sheets with visible sparkling pores, high abrasion resistance.

Antidust - Sheets with anti-electrostatic additive to avoid milling powder problems.

Cork - Sheets with natural cork inside.

Multistrato - Different colours layers in a vulcanized sheet.

Bihardness - Sheets or blocks with variable hardnesses on the same piece.

Marmorizzati e MacroMarble or macro multicolor sheets.

Granitic - Micro and macro granitic coloration on a unicolor sheet.

Puncturing - Punctured sheets with various hole shapes.

Modeling - Plain sheets cut in strips with various shapes. 

Pomiciatura - Buffed pattern surface sheets for a shiny and opaque effect.

Flooring - Flooring, protection, wall design sheets.